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Day by day container bags are used worldwide in more and more industries for various kinds of filling goods, e.g. chemicals (powdered or granulated), grain, flour, animal feed, fertilizers, stones, soil, cement, etc.

Container bags are made out of woven polypropylene with a weight of 120 – 250 g/sqm according to intended use.
There exist a large number of different designs, e.g. they are manufactured with four lifting loops, which are sewn (depending on the filling weights) at upper, middle or lower part of the bags, around the bag edge seams or all around the bag, or with fabric hangers.The carrying capacity of the container bags is guaranteed by the manufacturer with a security factor of up to 6 : 1 in case of one-way bags and with a security factor of up to 8 : 1 for re-usable bags.

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